nomBat Branding & Graphic Design

A Santa Cruz Branding, WordPress and Graphic Design Agency

You should have a professional face for your business and a website that delivers results.

Starting with Professional designers can help save you time, money and hassle. Quality Design, Strategy and Content are essential to separate you from your competition. Outdated cheap business cards, web sites and advertising could lose you business. Let us help you with fresh, top notch design!


What professional design looks like.

Having a strategy for your brand with professional materials to back that strategy up can be the factor that sets you apart from your competition and drives the business that you need.

What is Branding?

Branding is a clear and focussed message. Good branding encompasses everything from your logo, your traditional marketing, your graphic design, your web presence and social media strategy. Your brand’s crown jewel is your logo, but we believe that you should go much further to help support your brand. You can have a great brand message and nomBat can help tell that story clearly and effectively.

Since 2008 our motto has been “Stay Hungry!”

What is nomBat?

A wombat is one of the strangest and most adorable animals on the planet and “NomNomNOM” is the sound someone makes when they are eating and REALLY enjoying it.

We believe that you should stay hungry for better results, better marketing and better design. The web is changing, evolving and growing. To be the best, your company’s marketing needs to change evolve in order to grow along with your market.

We love that drive, that ambition, that hunger which makes every business owner and independent thinker a thrill to work with. So our company, like our mascot, is a solid, adorable and hungry nomBat!