Artisan’s Gallery is an asset to Santa Cruz. A gallery that represents local artists and wider sets of creative, hands-on artists alike. It has been a go-to for gift shopping, as well as art collecting and we have been fans of Artisan’s since we first stepped foot through their doors on Pacific Ave.

Recently I completed an unrelated rebrand experiment after entering a design contest for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls. Although my work didn’t make the final cut, I loved the idea of being able to turn an eye to some other brands that inspired me.

What is a rebrand experiment
Sometimes in the design world, as either a client or a designer, you have an idea but for whatever reason it isn’t going to find it’s way to becoming a reality. Whether it is because of budget, focus, timing or interest levels, no matter how good the design could be, it probably isn’t going to happen. With these rebrand experiments we want to give voice to some of those unheard creative illuminations. We had an Idea “What would that look like if we had designed it?”, and we wanted to run with that idea.

After completing my Derby Girls project I thought, “That was fun, I want to do more!” This time around I considered a few local companies, establishments and groups that inspire me, and towards the top of the list was Artisans Gallery.

I’m going to continue to do these Rebrand Experiments every month/every other month (as time permits), so stay tuned!

Also, Congratulations to Artisans Gallery, July 30th was their 40th anniversary!


Artisans Gallery - Logo
Artisans Gallery - Logo Color Variations

Colors, Textures, etc.

Artisans Gallery - colors
Artisans Gallery - brushes
Artisans Gallery - Storefront Illustration

Print Materials

Artisans Gallery - Business cards
Artisans Gallery - Shopping bag
Artisans Gallery - ad
Artisans Gallery - hang tag
Artisans Gallery - Gift certificate
Artisans Gallery - catalog - cover
Artisans Gallery - catalog - spread


Artisans Gallery - website

Social Media

Artisans Gallery - Social Icons
Artisans Gallery - facebook
Artisans Gallery - instagram


Artisans Gallery - Glass
Artisans Gallery - Sidewalk sign

Promotional Items

Artisans Gallery - Tshirt
Artisans Gallery - Pens
Artisans Gallery - stickers