Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

Facebook announced yesterday that all pages will be moved to the new Timeline format by March 30th 2012.

Although this may be scary for some page owners, we really think that this is a great chance to make your Facebook page deliver results.

The move to Timeline is one of only a handful of changes Facebook is rolling out, lots of these changes are new and should be very exciting. We will be posting updates throughout the month to help keep out subscribers and clients up to date on all of the new tools coming their way.

Major brands may not need to educate visitors.

Businesses Beware: There are a couple of problems with timeline, issues that aren’t immediately obvious but may have huge implications for the effectiveness of your page. First of all Facebook Landing Pages and Facebook Gateways are gone, we will no longer be able to take advantage of these great tools. The next big issue I am seeing online is that bloggers are highlighting what the big major companies are doing with their covers, the problem here is that brands like Red Bull, Starbucks and Louis Vuitton have MASSIVE brand recognition and their brand message is immediately recognizable even though they are providing minimal information.

So what do we do, Even though we are small business owners, community organizations or performers can’t we just upload a really cool looking photo?

Your Facebook Timeline Cover Could be Great!

nomBat is offering a Facebook Timeline Cover Special to help with the conversions.

I always like to think from the perspective of a new client or customer. When a new client visits your site and they have never encountered your brand before, how do they know what it is? The answer should be; Because you tell them, you tell them quickly and clearly. You should also tell them what they can do next to learn more and engage your brand.

The cover gives us a great opportunity to do this, but it still isn’t as easy as it sounds. With a gateway or landing page as soon as your new fan would “like” your page they would no longer see it. With Timeline Covers, at least for now, your image will always be at the top of your page. So now our question has to be this; How do educate our new customers and fans while encouraging them to click like to engage our page while at the same time not alienating or confusing our existing community all while looking good and maintaining your solid brand identity?

That is a lot to do in a single graphic, but we know that you are up to the challenge not only because Facebook isn’t giving us a choice, come May 30th we will all be on Timeline, but more importantly because you have us on your side. We at nomBat are diving in to give you the best graphic representation you can have!

So, with all of these changes coming from Facebook lots of people are concerned about having to learn how their pages work all over again, not to mention the daunting task of having to redesign their page’s graphics. But part of a every social media campaign should be keeping fresh and relevant. Timeline is perfect for staying fresh and relevant and nomBat is taking the new Timeline for Facebook Pages head on. We are really excited for the great new tools that Facebook has given us and will continue to give us.

Facebook Timeline for Pages goes mandatory site-wide March 30. Be ready!