For my next experiment I decided on one of Jon and my favorite places to unwind and relax: The Tea House Spa!

The moodboard was especially important for this project, since the the Tea House’s overall vibe is probably its best (and my favorite) asset. I wanted to make sure I had a solid grasp on that before diving into anything else.

From there I developed a rebrand with cool, relaxed colors and a clean design that would seamlessly work with all the spa’s textures and possible uses; from promotional materials to tea packaging.

The Japanese kanji that appear throughout means Onsen, or “Hot Springs.”

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Tea House - Logo
Tea House - Colors

Print Materials

Tea House - Business Cards
Tea House - Brochure
Tea House - Gift Certificates


Tea House - Front Signage
Tea House - Entrance Signage


Tea House - Website


Tea House - Instagram / Facebook


Tea House - Tea Tins
Tea House - Bag