This Video is a good primer on how to set up facebook ads to get the cheapest possible Likes from ads.

Genghis walks us through setting up an ad, choosing effective creatives, and setting our bid for getting the cheapest possible likes.

Here at nomBat I  have had great success using a strategy very similar to this for a couple of clients, If you would like some help setting up your own Ad campaign on facebook, please give me a call, Jon – 831-471-5151.

Key Points:

  • Before you publish
    • Make sure you are using photos on your page
    • Include a call to action in your photo posts
    • (Comment Share and Like)
  • Publishing Your Ad
    • Use a photo that REALLY stands out
    • Use photos with vibrant colors
    • Avoid Blues, especially those that match Facebook’s own design
  • Writing Your Ad Title
    • Capitalize the first letter of every word
    • Keep your title very short and to the point
    • Use a short question, people can’t resist questions
  • Writing Your Body Copy Text
    • Use a call to action that supports or answers the question
    • Targeting Your Market
    • Don’t fall for thinking that targeting is SUPER EASY
    • Be Careful and research your market – don’t guess
  • Researching Your Target Market
    • Use Google to find forums or a site that is very active in your niche
    • Look up that site on Quantcast to find your niche demographics
      • (Quantcast demographics are in the right have side bar navigation)
    • Add the targeted demographic info you found using Quantcast to your Ad campaign
  • Paying For Clicks
    • Manually bid for CPC
    • Set Bid to minimum for now
    • I also ALWAYS set a maximum bid ($5-10 per day is usually plenty for this type of campaign)
  • After you publish
    • Watch your Ad
    • After a couple of days, drop the cost to $.01

After you set your campaign we would love to hear how your results worked out, please leave a comment here on this post, or send me a message here: Contact nomBat