Ah, the world of branding through the eyes of a child! It’s fascinating how deeply ingrained these images are and what they represent at such a young age. (My favotite part: “a Cheetah… a Cheetah… aCheetah.”)

Added by Jon: I was really impressed by some the logos that did exceptionally well at being recognized for their core elements, Particularly Chili’s and Boeing. Boeing, although being rather abstract did a great job of standing up, I would think that the 1980s and 90s trend of putting an orbit or half circle around every logo would read similarly, but at least with Boeing it is supposed to.

It would also be good to note the brand recognition of McDonald’s. Starbucks and Apple can probably attribute their recognition to the parents demographic, since someone who is quizzing their 5 year old is probably a creative, but McDonalds has grabbed brand recognition hard and fast. By building strong brand awareness and lasting experiences in children’s minds it seems like McDonalds has succeeded where Joe Camel failed… I guess that deserves congratulations, Long live the ethically devoid Happy Meal.