All Blogs have to deal with some level of spam, whether it is the occasional comment that is well “written” and makes it through your spam filter, or thousands of potential comments if you are running with auto approve comments and no filters.

I received this comment today and had to smile because this spammer failed so completely at getting their own spam software to work properly.

spam spintax comment

A spam blog comment that failed to spin before it submitted.

What the heck is that gibberish?

One of the tools that SEO spammers used to use (somewhat effectively) is comment spinning software. The basic format of of the script tells the software to create a unique comment with randomly selected words. As the software reads that script or “SpinTax” it will randomly pick one of the words of phrases within each set of {} brackets.

What is funny about this comment is that their software completely failed at its job and sent me the entire script, leaving their comment looking even spammier than usual. So kudos to this spammer, thanks for making it easy to hit the “Comment is Spam” button.