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Santa Cruz needed another sticker!

Santa Cruz Stickers

There are some great stickers roaming around town. I am a fan of both the work by Tim Ward and Jim Phillips. Tim Ward is the creator behind the bright and colorful Mermaid, Wave and Otter and others while Jim Phillips is the designer behind the original Santa Cruz Skateboards logo and designs.

My idea was to create a design that reflected modern life in Santa Cruz, but carried the Victorian style from some of Santa Cruz’s earliest expansion phases, Truly paying tribute to our local roots. We have quite a few designs up already at All of the designs were first hand drawn by our own Jules and then digitized to allow her to apply the designs to pretty much any medium we want.

These are sophisticated designs, really different than anything already out on the street. Based on initial response I think have a good chance and hope that the Santa Cruz, Locals Only and neighborhood stickers that we created for will be a great addition to the iconic sticker designs already on thousands of the cars and buildings here in Santa Cruz.