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Your logo can make a HUGE difference in the credibility of your site, your business, and even you. Let us create a unique custom logo that will give you exactly the response and results you want.

Logos are often the cornerstone of full brand development, but in many situations logos can also stand alone. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect brand strategy.

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You don’t realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you’re going to learn that different logos have different goals. A logo can convey your full brand identity and philosophy, or a new logo can convey just enough credibility to keep people on your page long enough to click a link which will put money in your pocket. Does your logo shop know the difference?

Listen closely to a story of two clients, and then make up your mind whether or not you need a Full Logo Design or Basic Logo Customization. Client A wants new logos for 10 affiliate sites, each one is in a closely related niche and will be on an exact match domain URL. Client C Wants a new logo for a web 2.0 destination site where he can support conversation in a growing community while collecting donations for his non profit organization.

Are you following along?

Client A = Affiliate Site Logos

Client C = Charity Site Logo

Got it? Good!

Both of these clients are entrepreneurs and have some experience with logo designers and various logo shops. Both clients first go to a logo bidding site where they submit their requirements and both receive 7 new logos within the first week.

Client A figures that 7 new logos is a good place to start, since all of his niches are closely related he picks his favorite and requests that the designing logo shop make 10 variations, 1 for each of his new wordpress sites, and then goes about completing his due diligence. Since Client A has hired designers logo shops for logo services before he knows about the reverse image look-up sites and takes a copy of his new logo there to make sure that no one else is using it on the web, and then confusion sets in, which turns to horror. The “new” logo client A has just purchased is owned by a national brand in his own niche, not only that but he finds out that the same national brand has already sued multiple small companies for infringing for their trademarked logo. Client A immediately cancels his new logo order with the first logo shop and runs the rest of the logos through the same reverse image look-up service and discovers that two more are already trademarked by other companies.

Are you beginning to see how what you don’t know can leave you in a sticky situation?

Client C has a completely different experience hiring a logo shop on a bidding site to design his new logo. Client C has an understanding of community and web 2.0 sites, he knows that people want to both belong to a cause while at the same time showing their internal value system by using a brand, particularly his new logo. He thinks; Wouldn’t it be amazing if my logo was simple and instantly recognizable, what if my community could display this logo and tell everyone “I stand for this cause” with just one simple powerful logo.

Client C also received 7 new logos, each logo was from a different logo shop, and each logo was either terribly generic, terrible off base, or terribly designed. Yes, a couple of the logos even look like they were copied and pasted from the web and had nothing to do with his cause. In fact, 2 of the seven logos were just standard doubled over ribbons in different colors, leaving him to shake his head in dismay and mutter “Thanks for the clip art”. He then sighs in temporary defeat and wonders where to turn next for his new logo design.

There is a solution: At nomBat our Logo Shop understands that sometimes you need a new logo that has impact and conveys your message to your clients clearly, and sometimes your new logo needs to convey just enough credibility to keep someone from immediately closing your page. Our logo shop knows this and we can expertly walk you through a fast, professional logo design process to deliver EXACTLY the new logo you want and the new logo you need!

When you want to buy a logo, look to nomBat and nomBat’s Logo Shop for your new logo and logo design.

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