Promote Like Gordon RamsayDo you ever watch Kitchen Nightmares, or maybe Kitchen Impossible?

The premise is that a celebrity chef takes the reigns at a failing (or failed) restaurant and turns the tides to prevent the impending doom looming for a difficult and angry restaurant owner.

But why do these shows work?

Before the show airs, before the world sees the episode, there are people on the ground, in the door, shelling out cash to eat what may be the worst meal they have ever eaten in their lives. They also show up for what may be one of the best meals they have ever had, but that hardly seems worth it to roll the dice and possibly saddle yourself with a day of food poisoning, or worse a trip to the hospital.

The secret starts with local papers. Traditional media and the press are the avenues, but if you’ve ever watched the shows, it takes a little more than just having a reported or ad sales person taking a liking to you.

So is the real secret to BE GORDON RAMSAY?

Good luck with that, right!

Any celebrity chef is in themselves a walking news event, but that still isn’t enough. When Gordon comes into a small town, he doesn’t stop at being Gordon Ramsay, and neither should you.

What you should do, is create news events wherever your brand goes!

In addition to being a celebrity, these chefs pull out classic and traditional, marketing tactics to CREATE news around what they are doing. They bring in local Can Can Dancers, Yodelers, firework displays and Bounce Houses, they grab their mega phone and they put perky 20 year old girls in bikini tops to hand out hot pink and fluorescent orange flyers anywhere they can find crowds of people.

The goal, which is a goal that any business owner should have, is to have the entire community buzzing, practically on fire talking about what you have going on.

But this is Santa Cruz, how much excitement can you have?

The answer: ALL OF IT

When was the last time you were handed a flyer? Super Silver? Were they excited to be handing you a flyer?

When was the last time you couldn’t get into an event because it was sold out, with a line around the corner?

When was the last time your kids,  your parents and your best friend all brought up the same event, and how excited they were about it?

Santa Cruz isn’t a sleepy town, if anything it is a lazy town, but we have the model. Events like James Durbin and Chris Renee prove that this community has what it takes to be excited. We desperately want a reason to be excited, to be able to say Santa Cruz isn’t cool, it’s the best community in the country, at the best location on the planet!

Santa Cruz is ready, let’s get promoting!

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