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nomBat Branding has resources available to help promote your site up in rankings for Santa Cruz Tree Removal.

We have already built SEO tools to rank a site for tree removal, and those tools are up for grabs RIGHT NOW!

We know local SEO and we can help you rank for Santa Cruz Tree Removal, or any other local keword.

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Why Use SEO?

Your customers need your service NOW.

When someone looking for tree removal performs a Google search, they are most likely looking for someone to come out right away. They may have an emergency, they may be new home owners, or they may have been procrastinating taking a dead tree down. Whatever the case, almost every person searching for tree removal needs tree removal NOW!

SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”, and the goal of SEO is to get you to rank higher in search engines.

There are essentially two sides to SEO; on-site which is on your website, and off-site, which are links to your website from other websites.

When you hire us we help you with on-site SEO, but the real power that we have is our off-site SEO. This page is proof! This tree removal page is ranking because we are pointing our using our SEO resources on this page. If you hire us, I will happily take all of these resources and point them at your page so that it ranks higher, instead of this page.

Why Tree Service?

When already own a local tree removal website, and we controll links to that website. We aren’t in the tree removal business though, so all of those resources are available for rent and we would happily point the at your website, so that you can reap the benefits of our work.

Santa Cruz Specific SEO

We are a Santa Cruz company. Jon Ralws, our founder is a born-and-raised Santa Cruz local. We understand what it takes to rank a website in town, and we have done it hundreds of times. We know that the right keywords can bring you great clients, we know that the wrong keywords are worthless, and we know how to get you ranked for the right local keywords.

SEO Case Studies

SEO results are important. It takes time and money to rank your site, and before you start spending either your time or Money, you want to know that there are results in your future. We understand that, and although no one can guarantee results, we want to do our best to rank your site and deliver better rankings for your tree removal website.

This page, that you are on right now is proof that we understand this keyword, and can rank for tree removal.

Below is a case study that shows additional successes we have had with SEO.


I know it sucks, but it is a cold hard fact: Your competitors want your business. Your competitors would rather have a new customer than let you have them.

The SEO tools we have are already built, and they are up for grabs. We would rather use them for your site than for your competitor.

Home Services

Home services in particular need SEO. Generally home services are more urgent, and less visible than other businesses. You can go down to Pacific Ave. for a bite to eat, or to buy a new jacket, but you aren’t going to go downtown to impulse buy taking that old birch tree out of your back yard.

Street facing signs, truck logos and ads can all add to your name recognition, but when someone fnally searches, the top results are going to take the lion’s share of the business.

Get Your Website

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Tree Removal is Dangerous

Tree removal is dangerous, and SEO is complex, confusing and time consuming. We will leave the tree service to you, don’t you think you should have a professional for your SEO?