Client Spotlight:

Everyone turns to the web when they want local information. From Facebook to Yelp our world is becoming increasingly dominated by the online reviews, articles and opinions of other people in our local community. Word of mouth is still the strongest form of influence, in fact decisions both large and small are still influenced by the opinions of our family and friends every day. But the internet and social media are drastically changing the way that we ask for those opinions and even more surprising is who we ask.

You may not be surprised that many people in communities all around the world are turning to websites like Yelp and their local Patch to help make decisions. You may have gone through this same process when considering a new restaurant, or deciding whether or not to schedule a dental appointment. The decisions we make on a daily basis are being influenced by the opinions of websites, and even relatively anonymous people. But who are these people, and are they really worth listening to?

I don’t take the it lightly, nor do I think it is a coincidence that the readers of the Santa Cruz Good Times voted the Best “Website For Local 411” two years in a row, both 2011 and 2012.

Working with ambitious and talented people is really a treat. Being able to set and accomplish high standards of excellence for appreciative clients is what make this business endeavor the greatest business I have ever participated in.

Santa Cruz Waves came to us with a very specific vision of where they wanted their site to go, with both design and functionality. We strove through the summer to achieve some of the most advanced features we have ever launched on a web site. Through this process we pushed what we had previously accomplished to the next level and Santa Cruz Waves has really helped me solidify my vision for what nomBat can accomplish.

This project found it’s roots in the connections nurtured by our own Josh Logan, and site redesign wouldn’t have been possible without the Expertise and Design Skill of Morgan and Jules here at nombat. And we are all excited to help out because we are confident that the creative vision and leadership of Tyler Fox and Jon Free is going to continue to push Santa Cruz Waves to success.

Check out the site here: Santa Cruz Waves