There are only three types of content.

content sketch

Sometimes I feel like I am forcing an idea to be something it isn’t, and I get this feeling like my audience really wants to see something from every angle. When I do this I loose sight of the fact that sometimes a very simple idea (like a cute nomBat) is enough to make great content.

Simple – Content that can be easily shared. This content shouldn’t take any thought on the part of your audience, and should be immediately like/share/retweetable.

Thoughtful – Content that you thought about, and that your audience can take a moment to appreciate.

Complex – Content that is well thought out. This type of content also requires the largest investment on the part of your audience.

Depending on your market, and the audience you are building, you will likely have a mixture of these three types of content. Just remember, your audience has a particular attitude, don’t make them work for something that they don’t want!