I just remembered today that Jules and I had been out on a walk, and a bing mapping car drove by us. I think it would pretty cool to see us on the “Streetside” map, and so I went looking at bing maps. This is the first time I have used their maps for Streetside views as far as I remember, so I was interested to see them in action.

First I tried pulling the map up on my Chromebook, a computer that I am a huge fan of.

Bing Maps - chromebook

Unfortunately, bing maps doesn’t work on ANY chromebooks, they don’t have an app that supports Streetside either.

Alright, so it doesn’t play well with Chrome, lets try it out on my iphone.

Bing Maps - iphone


Well that didn’t work, since there is no Streetside feature or button at all, let’s try it on a Macbook.


Ok Bing, you failed on a Chromebook, you failed on an iPhone and failed on a Macbook Pro. Three strikes and you are out, maybe next time I am at my grandparents house I will try again on their PC running Windows XP and Internet Explorer.