Do you know how to look at old versions of your website? You may be able to go back and look at versions of your website from years ago, possibly even from previous owners of your domain, if you purchased it after someone else had used it.

Here is a (somewhat) accurate view of our homepage ( from 2010.

nombanomBat 2010 websitet 2010 website

nomBat 2010 website

Since 1996 The Internet Archive WayBack Machine ( has been crawling, cataloging and storing websites. As of writing this they have archived over 484 Billion web pages.

When you look up your site’s history, you may not see everything. In particular, things like photos and javascript may be missing from the archive’s snapshot of your site. The more traffic your site receives, the more you are crawled and shared the better your snapshots may be as well. But if you are lucky enough to have your site indexed in the Internet Archive it is really fun to go back and see old versions of your site.

The Internet Archive is considered a cultural library, preserving the history of the web. As marketers we often use it to get a good idea of the trajectory a brand has taken, out-of-date ideas markets or consumers may still have about products, and sometimes just to revisit or recycle our old copy that has since been lost. But I think the Internet Archive serves a much wider and more valuable purpose, documenting a VERY exciting piece of our human history and the beginnings of the internet.