Hopefully you will forgive me for the sensationalized title, I couldn’t help myself!

I get spam emails every day telling me that some “SEO” can guarantee me the first page on Google, or that they can send a Million visitors a month to my site.

SEO Spam screen cap

SEO Spam, Guaranteeing to put me on the first page of Google.

Is SEO this Easy?

Email like this would like you to think that a simple list of links is enough to get you to the first page of Google. The truth is: Not Any More, at least not for any search that would bring any real value to your business. There was a point in time when this SEO strategy worked, heck, there used to be a time when all you had to do was title a page with a matching description and put your target keyword on the page 100 times and you would show up on the 1st page in google. Those Link Spamming and Keyword Stuffing strategies haven’t worked in a long time.

How to tell if the offer is real?

99% of the time these emails are completely generic. They let you know that they have researched “Your company” or “Your website” and they say that “Dear Web Owner, you are missing a million % of the traffic you should be receiving”[sic]. Which is a complete and total joke, I mean come on form letter guy, at least type in my URL if you are going to say that you researched it.

What to do if you actually want SEO services

SEO isn’t easy, it’s not fast, and it takes someone who can think to actually put a functional campaign together. The person you choose should already have an understanding of your niche and be willing to do the work to understand your business, because that is exactly what they are going to have to do; talk about your business online.

If an SEO company comes to you then they should have already done their homework, and they shouldn’t be sending out ultra-generic letters. If you go to the SEO yourself, then they should be able to tell them how they are going to customize their practices to your One-Of-A-Kind business!